Pet Weight Loss Stories

Animals, like humans, need to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a quality life. Unlike humans though, pets are very dependent on their humans. They need to be fed the right amounts, at the right time, with quality foods that contain the optimal vitamins and minerals that promote good health. If their owners don’t keep a close eye on their pet’s food intake, you could end up with an overly obese pet in serious need of help. Here area a couple SUCCESSFUL before and after weight loss stories of obese animals!


The first before and after weight loss story is of Obie the dachshund. Obie’s before and after weight loss story made news after he was found weighing a whopping 77 pounds. The average healthy weight for a dachshund is 32lbs… Obie’s former owners had almost fed Obie to death. After being rescued, Obie’s new owners got him on a strict, healthy diet that consisted of long walks on the beach, a tummy tuck, and a new and improved strict diet. After his incredibly transformation, Obie now weighs a healthy weight of 27 pounds. Check out his before and after weight loss picture, he’s now much happier & continues living a healthy life with the help of his new owners.


Buddha the cat before and after weight loss story starts with a neglectful owner feeing Buddha too much. At the time of the owner’s death, Buddha weight a whopping 31.4 pounds, much to much for a cat. The average weight for a feline her size is about 15lbs. Buddha was in serious need of a strict weight loss diet plan to get her back in shape. Buddha was adopted and moved to The Cat Shoppe, an animal rescue organization where Buddha would receive proper exercise and nutrition. He was weened off human food, and even got to use a specially designed water treadmill for exercise. This treadmill was encased in a tank of water, which Buddha learned to love. The water would offset his weight, allowing him to exercise for longer. Now Buddha’s before and after weight loss story is on the right path to a much healthier life!


Skinny the cat was rescued by an animal shelter and it was obvious she needed her own successful before and after weight loss story. Skinny weight over 41 lbs… one of the heaviest house cats to date. In order to lose weight, Skinny was put on a strict diet of healthy cat food and special exercises. Skinny was adopted by the veterinarians treating her, and has since lost over 15lbs! Her before and after weight loss difference has her happier, healthier, and on the way to achieving a healthy weight. Maintaining the correct weight is critical for animals. Even though they’re domestic, they’re built to run around, be healthy, and go outside. If humans keep them from doing that then the animals will get really sick and nobody wants that to happen!


There seems to be a pattern of overweight cats… It makes sense though. Cats are very independent animals and if they don’t want to exercise, nobody is going to make them. That makes it extra important to make sure they get the right amount of exercise, as well as eat the right healthy foods. Holly weighed in at over 18 pounds, but needed to shed the extra weight. To do so, Holly began swimming for 30 minutes whenever she visited the nearby pet resort. There she slowly shed the weight and even became quite the swimmer!


It took Ruby six months of an extremely strict food and exercise program to lose over 1/3 of her weight and make our successfully before and after weight loss list. She weighted a whopping 18 pounds at the time of her rescuing, much to heavy. After the strict regimen, Ruby’s weight was brought down to under 12lbs, which is much healthier for the dog. While Ruby may have been spoiled in good spirit, it’s more important to keep dogs healthy and happy. After the weight loss program, Ruby was much happier, had much more energy, and was well on her way to living a happier life. If your dog or cat needs help getting healthy, take them to a vet and get them on a diet asap!


Cassie the Border Collie fell victim to an owner that didn’t feed her the right healthy food. Cassie was fed roast dinners, fish and chips, and human takeout food. Cassie ended up weight a whopping 126 pounds, which is considered extremely obese. Cassie was turned over to a dog rescue place in the UK, where she was given the appropriate fitness and health tips to bring her weight down. After 6 months of diet and exercise, Cassie has lost over half her weight and is much closer to the healthy weight of 42 pounds. Keep on going Cassie!