Exotic Animal Resorts

Vacations usually consist of a daily trip to a fun spot, and then a retreat back to a hotel where there isn’t much to do but sit and watch movies. Luckily for animal lovers, there are certain resorts across the world that help get you close to exotic animals you love. These places are a bit more expensive, but the experience and memories you’ll make are well worth the increase in price. Whether it’s swimming with dolphins, eating breakfast with giraffes, or driving by wild lions, definitely try to make it out to one of these resorts in your lifetime.


Giraffe Manor is by far one of the coolest resorts you can ever go to. If you’re a fan of giraffes, you’ve probably already put staying at this manor on your wish list. Giraffe Manor is a resort in Kenya that sits upon a giraffe reservation. You’re able to roam the grounds with a guide and see the amazing giraffes up close, and the giraffes are comfortable enough to poke their heads inside the manor during meal time. This incredible experience really brings you close to giraffes, and would be amazing to experience first-hand.


Atlantis is a beautiful all-inclusive resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It’s a favorite spot of travelers because it basically transports you to another world, one filled with perfectly blue lagoons, shark tunnels, and one of the largest outdoor marine enclosures in the world. Atlantis gets you as close as possible to over 250 species of aquatic animals, including tiger sharks, lobsters, piranhas and much more. One of the best parts of Atlantis is the Dolphin Cay, where you can touch and even swim with dolphins.


Nestled in Minnesota’s Northwoods, the Gunflint Lodge is a cozy lodge with a unique draw. The lodge offers sled rides, pulled by huskies and malamutes. Once in the sled, a team of dogs pull you over frozen lakes and through snowy woods, showing off the beauty of the landscape. On special days you’re even able to get hands on with the work dogs, learning how to harness them, command and handle the snow dogs. During the summer, the Gunflint Lodge turns into a haven for those who like to paddle on the serene lake, enjoying the peace and occasionally seeing a moose or bear!

Half Moon Rose Hall


If you’re vacationing in Jamaica you have to visit the Half Moon Rose Hall in Montego Bay. This lush 400-acre resort includes luxury amenities such as tennis courts, spas, a golf course, pools and over two miles of beautiful beaches. Half Moon Rose Hall is one of the only resorts in Jamaica that has it’s own dolphin lagoon where guests are able to swim with beautiful dolphins. There’s so much to do in this resort for people of all ages that it’s a great way to get close to the animals we all love!

&Beyond’s Klein’s Camp

Tanzania has one of the best animal resorts in the world. Making it’s home on the savannah, there are plenty elephants, zebras, and giraffes to see. &Beyond’s Klein’s Camp is also a private establishment, so tour guides are able to take patrons off the beaten path to truly give them an amazing experience. There’s even night tours where you’re able to see leopards out on the prowl and hunting. These are about as close as you’d want to get to a wild leopard, so the experience is truly once in a lifetime. Rangers especially make it fun for the youngsters, giving them special packs with wildlife information.

Tortuga Lodge

Looking for a vacation a littlre more jungle-like? Check out the Tortuga Lodge in Costa Rica. The only way to get to Tortuga Lodge is an adventure in itself, as the only way to get to the 146 acre lodge is by small boat. The lodge is 26 rooms large, and is in the thick of Costa Rica. There’s no need for alarm clocks here, as howler monkeys in the trees above the lodge will wake you up in the morning. Once up, there are boat tours where you’ll see wildlife such as turtles, otters, monkeys and other animals.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Don’t have the ability to travel off to an exotic country? Luckily Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orllando, FL brings animals right to you. The lodge boasts an African themed interior, complete with African shrubs and grasses in the decoration. Every which way you turn in the lodge you’ll be close to different wildlife and exotic animals. The lodge is right on Disney’s Animal kingdom, so you’ll see things like ostriches, okapis, and antelope. The hotel also boasts two large pools, complete with a fun water slide for the kiddos. If this is as close to the African Savannah that you can get, it’s definitely worth the trip!

Exotic Animal Resorts

Are you a big can of Elephants? Then the Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Bali is the perfect place for you. This luxurious 25 room lodge provides guests with the unique opportunity to interact, feed, and play with beautiful elephants. The lodge is home to 30 Sumatran elephants, which are some of the most endangered elephant species in the world. This place is perfect for regular vacations, but even caters to weddings and business conventions.