Top Paying Animal Careers

At some point in your life you’ve probably wanted to work with animals as a profession. What do vets do? Might be a question you researched. While you may have not taken that road, many people do work as veterinary assistants, in vet health or are even animal majors. Check out the top paying animal careers below:


Veterinarian assistants are just as important as the veterinarian. Veterinarian assistants prepare the operating room for surgery, as well as assist the doctor during surgery. Veterinarian assistants administer injections, apply wound dressings, take vital signs, and monitor the animal during surgery. To become a veterinariant assistant, you must take classes at a college and graduate. There are multiple ways to do this as there are online college courses for veterinarian assistants, or in-person classes. This is an incredibly rewarding job and more and moreopenings are becoming available.


A career being a Fish and Game Warden is a rewareding one, as well as one perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors. Fish and Game wardens are responsible for legal hunting and game, department wildlife, and policing the state parks under their jurisdiction. There are even Fish and Game Warden colleges you can attend, where you’ll learn local and federal regulations that you’ll need to know as part of your job.

6. Animal Nutritionist 

An animal nutritionist goes through much of the same classes that somebody pursuing a veterinary degree goes through, but focuses on the diet of an animal and how to keep them in top top shape. Nutrionist programs will teach the perspective animal nutritionist different dietary needs of the animals they wish to work with. There are different nutritionist programs for different animals, and it’s absolutely important to know the differences. Animal nutritionists work along side zookeepers to make sure each animal as an inidvidualized nutritionist program.

5. Zoologist

A zoologist is a scientist that studies animals and other wildlife to see howt hey interact with their ecosystems. By studying animals they can get information on animal populations and the future of the environment. To become a zoologist you need a bachelors degree in biology. Getting your bachelors degree in zoology or biology will open the doors to entry level zoologist jobs around the country. This job is perfect for people who like being outside and just watching animals.

4. Wildlife Biologist 

Wildlife Biologists are becoming more and more popular, and more and more students are pursuing wildlife biologist degree. A wildlife biologist researches and monitors plants and animals in their habitat to determine different environmental and population dynamics. Wildlife biologist colleges are getting more and more popular too. Wildlife biologist schools are providing more options for students, by means of more teachers and new classes.

3. Marine Biologist

A marine biologist focuses on the animals and plants in the ocean and other bodies of water. Many people who pursue a college degree in marine biology want to work with whales and dolphins, as those are the most popular animals of the sea. But that’s not all marine biologists do, they work with all marine animals, studying, researching, and protecting the beauties of the ocean. To become a marine biology you’ll need a degree in biology. Many colleges offer Bachelors of Science degrees with a focus in Biology, but they’re definitely not easy to get. So work hard, and soon your wish of getting paid to swim in the ocean with animals will come true!

2. Farrier

A farrier isn’t a job you hear of often, but it’s extrememly important to the lives of horses. A farrier is a person who specializes in equine feet (hooves). A farrier is skilled in both blacksmithing and the placing of their horse hooves onto the horses. How do you become a farrier? There are actuall a lot of horse farrier schools. Not coincidentally, there are a lot of farrier schools in texas as there’s a lot of horses in TExas! Farriers are very important because they provide foot care to the horses, which any horse person will tell you is incredibly important!

1. Veterinarian

A veterinarian is one of the most important jobs relating to animals there is, and they’re nicely compensated for their job as well. Before you can become a veterinarian with your own practice, there’s a lot of schooling you have to do first. There are only 20 accredited colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States, making it very difficult to become one. But once you ffinish your schooling, helping animals recover from injuries will be a very rewarding career for any animal lover.