Things Humans Do That Animals Hate


Dogs are man’s best friend, and like people, there are certain things that dogs aren’t the biggest fans of. Unlike humans though, they aren’t able to easily communicate to us when we’re doing something they don’t like. Sometimes something as simple as a hug will tick them off and elicit an unwarranted response. We’ve done the research and come up with a list of you might want to stop doing because dogs usually don’t like them. So read up, and then go play wiht your best friend!


Dogs are still animals and have certain needs. One of the most important things in a dogs life is getting enough exercising… even if it’s just walking around the house. If dogs aren’t allowed to exercise, they start getting in trouble and chewing things they know they shouldn’t be. That’s why a lazy person paired with a dog that needs a lot of exercise is one thing dogs hate. Lazy humans won’t want to take their dogs out for walks, or even play with them enough to tire them out. All the pup wants to do is play, but now they’re forced to take out their energy with bad behaviors. So make sure your dog is allowed to get out there and exercise!


Feeling stressed or incredibly tense isn’t a good feeling. Dogs can pick up on this feeling and it is contagious. They’ll start feeling stressed and get in a bit of trouble. So the next time you notice your dog getting a bit more anxious or frustrated than usual, check yourself and see if you’ve been feeling the same way. They love you so much they just want to see you happy, so maybe it’s time for both of you to take a breather and go on a nice walk.


Walking your dog is one of the most relaxing things you can do… if you do it right. More than often you’ll see dogs pulling their owners along, causing problems for something that shouldn’t be a problem at all. When you’re walking a dog with a taught leash, your dog thinks it’s a tense situation and may make them become on edge. That’s why it’s important to teach your dog to walk near you so you can walk with a loosh leash. That shows them the situation is under control and they have nothing to worry about, and only have to work on enjoying the scenery.


Dogs are curious beings, and they don’t often have time to explore their surroundings. They know what home is, but each time you take them on a walk there’s totally new things to see, smell, and hear. Dogs hate when they aren’t allowed to sniff and explore around. They interpret the world through their nose, so if you stifle their ability to explore, the walk is no longer fun, but rather something they start getting annoyed with. It’s like if somebody took you on a sight seeing trip but blind folded you. So make sure to allot some time for exploring… your dog will really appreciate it!


While no rules might seem like the best way to bond with your pup, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do for your dog, and they hate not having rules. Dogs thrive when they live a structured life that rewards them when they do well, and corrects them when they do something wrong. A dog’s ultimate goal is to make their owner, who they’re most loyal to, happy, and when rules are in place they can reach their goals much faster.


Eye contact plays an important role in a dog’s life. Because they aren’t able to speak to each other like humans, things like eye contact actually means something to them. Eye contact is a way to express dominance, and looking a strange dog in the eyes is something they really won’t like. They know their role amongst their own family, but they need to meet you first before you declare dominance over them. So even though you’re just wanting to see their beautiful eyes, make sure you go about meeting the dog in a non-threatening way and let them become comfortable with you first.


While it’s important for humans to try things outside their comfort zone, it’s less important for dogs. Bringing your dog into a situation where you can tell they’re already tense isn’t something you should do, but I’ve seen owners purposely bring dogs into those situations saying “oh it’s good for her to be outside her comfort zone!” Don’t do this. If your dog looks like they’re uncomfortable in a situation just bring them out of it and they will appreciate you so much more. Some dogs just aren’t as social as others, so it’s important to know and listen to your dog.