Things People Accomplished While Social Networks Down

While our social networks are down, some people took advantage of their free time and accomplished some truly amazing things!


Some people decided it was time to go back to college. Since they were already online waiting for Facebook, they just signed up for online college classes. Online Universities saw a huge uptick in application rates, online classes signed up for, and graduation rates. With a whole night without distractions from social media people were able to complete online degrees in finance, business, science, and rocket science. Were you smart enough to take the time to complete your online college degree? You should have!


Social media has seemingly taken over our lives, and some have even missed out on job opportunities while they were distracted by socal media. When the major social media sites went down, it gave people a chance to redo their resume and apply for jobs that they were actually qualified for. Hopefully this not only fills jobs that needed to be filled, but opens jobs for others who may not be as qualified. It’s amazing what you can do when you aren’t distracted by social media jobs.