Disney Men You’ll Meet in College

College is full of different kinds of people. All of your college classes will be filled with different cliques and groups of students. Here’s a list of 8 different groups of guys you’ll meet in your college classes!


There’s always a couple geniuses in your college classes. Everybody knows these kids are going places, and college is just a pit stop for them. You’ll most likely find these guys pursuing biology degrees, science degrees, or degrees in something like engineering. Sure, there might be some really good-looking college geniuses, but let’s be honest the college genius we are talking about here is one that’s a little awkward with the ladies, and probably a tad bit shy. Honestly who cares though, with their college degree they’ll be rich in a couple years!


You know those college theater majors that think their life is one big drama show that they’re constantly acting for. The theater major guy has equally dramatic friends who lead equally dramatic lives. When they’re together they act like they’re on set of a major production, and let everybody know they’ve arrived. Watch out if you’re ever dating a Kronk, they’re the star and nobody will stop them from getting to the top.


No matter what college you’re attending, there’s always a class clown that never outgrew his funny antics. The college class clown has become more confident in his abilities, and will make an asshat of himself not only in public, but even in his college classes. The best (or worst) part is, he totally gets away with it! Even the college professors will laugh at his antics, and you always look to him to lighten up a stressful situation. As long as the class clown isn’t interrupting your college learning, he’s a fun guy to have around.


The athelete isn’t your normal college jock, he’s the one that everybody likes, he’s insanely attractive and has hefty goals for himself. This college athlete is the dream date of anybody. No matter how many girls he has fawning over him, he’s loyal and faithful to the girl he’s dating. No matter how much you want to hate this college jock, he just always seems to win you over with how polite and respectful he is.


At every college campus you’ll find a party animal. This person may party just a bit too much, and their priorities are partying over their college grades. Tigger is the party animal you text when you don’t know of any good parties because he’s basically a party planner of knows of all the good ones. You’ll hear stories of this guy from total random people, and seriously question how he’s still alive after so many crazy things he’s encountered.


There’s not really much to be said about Bobby. He’s just alwaus under the influence of marijuana whenever you hang out. While it’s fun to kick it and chat every once in a while, you don’t want to find yourself hanging out with him all the time.


Most college campuses have a music program, and there’s always music enthusiasts that like to randomly play their instruments around the college campus. Just taking one look at these guys and you’ll be able to tell their musicians, that and you can’t get them to shut up about music. The college musician will always let you know when he’s playing at the local coffee shop, and loves having people over to just listen to music. If you love music as much as him, you guys are probably meant to be together.