5 Highest Paid Animal Actors

People are often very curious about celebrities finances, from things like how much they make to what their financial planner cost. It’s pretty nosy to as about one’s finances, but it happens. Famous animal actors get paid too, and you’ll be amazed at exactly how much money these animals are making!


You probably recognize this monkey from movies such as the Hangover Part II and Night at the Museum. Crystal has been working in the film industry for a long time, and has been paid handsomely. Crystal’s role in Animal Practice was a whopping $12,000 each episode, which is $264,000 per season. Crystal was making so much money her owner needed a financial planner. While Crystal worked, her owner and financial planner kept smiling all the way to the bank. At over 20 years old, Crystal is one of the most financially stable animals in the film business.


Pal the Collie played Lassie, a famous TV show dog character. Pal acted on both the little and big screen, and earned $4,000 each week. This paycheck was worth more than most actors paychecks at the time. $4,000 per week in 1958 equates to about $51,000 per week in 2014. Talk about a financially stable dog, I bet his financial planner had an easy time making sure Pal would be set for life. Pal lived an exceptionally long life as a dog, passing away at the ripe old age of 18. The show continued with dog replacements, but Pal was one of the most compensated dog actors of our time.


Bart the bear doesn’t ever have to worry how much a financial planner cost. This Alaskan brown bear is one of the most famous bears in television and movies. In his biggest movie, the Edge, Bart was paid over $1 million dollars. He’s also starred in other movies, many television shows with well known actors. After all this he accumulated more than $6 million dollars in wages. What did his owner do with the money? Obviously hire a financial planner that would make sure Bart was able to purchase everything he needed, as well as make good investments to make sure his owner was well off too.


You’ll recognize Keiko from the Free Willy movies. These movies about the famous killer whale are not only iconic movies, but were gold financially. For his roles in the movie, Keiko received 36 million dollars. But Keiko didn’t need any fancy financial planners or agents, the biggest reward for him was being released back into the wild in 2002. There he swam into the sunset with some incredible stories he probably shared with his killer whale buddies.

RIN TIN TIN – $78,000/WEEK

Rin Tin Tin is a dog that was most famous in the 1930’s for his roles in Warner Brother Studios movies. For his roles he was compensated $6,000 per week, which equates to $78000/week in today’s film. With that large of an income Rin Tin Tin had no problem financially taking care of his owners. Rin Tin Tin was actually a former military dog who spent time overseas during World War 2. He was even nominated as Best Actor at the Academy Awards, but the Academy wouldn’t award him anything because he was a dog.