Top Dog Occupations


K- 9 search and rescue dogs are an incredibly important part of any search and rescue team. Dogs go through vigourous K-9 search and rescue training in order for them to be graduated and put into service. K-9 seach and rescue training consists of training the dogs in wilderness tracking, natural disaster training, and locating missing people. Because K-9 Search and Rescue dogs use all of their senses, they’re better able to detect people in need of help than humans. K-9 Search and Rescue training provides these dogs with everything they need to become amazing SAR dogs.


Using the dog’s nose, detection dogs are used in a variety of different ways. There are drug-sniffing dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, and even dogs that are trained to detect anything from food to a certain drug. They’re employed at places like airports, police stations, borders, and schools. These dogs go through dog training colleges where they learn what to do. One of the most important courses is the drug sniffing dog training course. In the drug sniffing dog training course these dogs learn how to detect drugs in different scenarios. The graduates of drug sniffing training courses are able to detect drugs even if they’re concealed pretty well.


Canines have long been used as a part of the police force. Starting from when they’re young, these dogs go through rigorous K-9 police dog training. Their K-9 police dog training teaches them how to expertly listen to commands, and things running to take down a criminal. Not all dogs can graduate from K-9 police dog training courses, only certain breeds are able to learn and complete the programs.