6 Hilarious Ways Animals Will Be Spending Their Tax Refunds

Tax season is upon us, and everybody is looking for some tax relief. Whether you use na online tax program, or a certified tax attorney, everybody is looking to get the largest tax refund as possible. We know animals don’t necessarily file taxes, but if they did, this is what they’d spend their tax refund money on!



Cats are known for being a little independent and selfish, so it’s no surprise they’d spend their tax refund oin things for themselves. They like to blow their tax refund on things they can use now, such as food and toys. Most cats will use online tax filing at in order to get their tax refund the quickest. Their favorite tax software to use? That would be Turbo Tax. Turbo tax allows them to easily file them with step by step guides to help them along the way! That means more fancy feast in their bowls at night!


Penguins are a bit better with spending their tax refunds than cats are. Penguins realize that at least some of the money they receive from their tax refunds should be saved, or put into real estate. Most penguins spend their tax fund money on Time-Shares of icebergs. That way when they need a vacation they’re part owner of a certain ice berg and don’t have to worry about reservations or predators. Penguins are smart little birds!


Tax season means two things for bears, 1. they have to file their taxes, and 2. they’re just waking up from their winter hibernation. Waking up from hibernation seriously influences what bears spend their tax refunds on. They’ve been sleeping for months so it’s no surprise they’re incredibly hungry and end up spending the bulk of their tax refunds on food. Split betweet different kinds of fish, as well as full picnic baskets, bears fill up quickly then then realize they should have spend their tax refund money somewhere else.


Sloths, well sloths don’t really do anything with their tax refunds. They keep doing what they do and actually let the tax refund check sit in their mailbox and never cash it. They’re not mad about it though, some of them buy some food but other than they’re chill not doing anything.


Kangaroos on the other hand like to spend their tax refund money on entertainment, accessories, and food. Pretty smart if you ask me! Each tax season trampoline companies see an increase in the number of units sold. This is because every kangaroo likes to buy a new trampoline during tax season. They’ll also spend their tax refund money on the latest fashion pouches and food.

6. BAT

Bats are another animal that spend their tax refund money well. They invest most of it into a Moth IRA, one that will save them money to withdraw in the future. The rest of their tax refunds are spend on new housing, and entertainment. We agree that the bat is probably the smartest with their money… That Moth IRA will certainly come in handy in the furture when they can no longer work. Retirement, retirement, retirement… save up for it!