8 Foods to NEVER Feed Your Dog

It’s pretty hard to say no to those adorable puppy faces that just want to try all the food in the world. While a lot of human foods are okay for dogs to eat, some can cause some serious problems. So much so that dog owners will even buy the best dog insurance plans to cover their dog in case an accident happens. Food poisoning is the most common dog insurance claim, so it’s important to educate yourself on what your dog can and can’t eat.


Guacamole is amazing, but dog insurance companies will tell you to keep this delicious food far away from your beloved pet. Why? VPI Pet Insurance explaines that avocados contain a substance called persin, which is dangerous to dogs. While persin is harmless to people, in large amounts it can poison a dog. So if you grow your own avocados, or even buy them often, be sure to keep them away from Fido.


Man’s best friend should be able to enjoy man’s favorite drink, right? Wrong. Pet insurance companies strongly advise against ever giving your dog alcohol. You’ve heard stories of how too much alcohol can poison humans, and it takes far less of the substance to poison dogs. Even just a little alcohol can induce vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and other alcohol related symptoms. VPI Pet insurances warns that the smaller the dog, the even smaller amount of alcohol it takes to make them sick, so don’t leave any wounded soldiers out for your dog to taste test.


You’d think dogs would be able to eat most fruits and vegetables, as they’re grown naturally, but that’s not the case. Onions and Garlic, in any shape or form, have been known to destroy pooch’s red blood cells, leading to anemia. While this isn’t life threatening if your dog ingests a bit, it can lead to serious problems later if they keep ingesting onions or garlic. Anemia will cause a dog to vomit, become weak, and even lose interest in food. If your dog is exhibiting these signs, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible.


Caffeine, often had in coffee or energy drinks, is a favorite beverage ingredient for humans. Your dog, not so much. Pet insurance companies warn that caffeine can be fatal to dogs who ingest a certain amount of it. Dogs aren’t able to metabolize the caffeine like we can, and it sends their heart into overdrive, causing them to lose control of body functions. While the amount of caffeine it would take to kill a dog varies, it’s just safer to not let them ingest any at all.


Grapes and raisins often surprise people when they’re told it’s on the list of foods to never give your dog. Most dogs are perfectly fine eating them, but some dogs have severe reactions to them. Pet insurance companies warn that grapes can not only make a dog ill, but even cause kidney complications and even kidney failure. VPI Pet insurance says taht early signs of sickness will be vomiting, and the dog will become extrememly lethargiv and depressed. It’s important to keep your grapes out of dog’s reach, especially since they’re easily ingestable.


Sure it might seem like a great idea to share an ice cream with your dog on a hot day, but dog insurance companies warn not to. Like some humans, dogs are usually lactose intolerant and it gives them the runs, sometimes induces vomiting and upsets their stomach. Ingesting dairy products could even trigger certain allergies like itching, so it’s just best to not share any dairy with your dogs, no matter how big of puppy eyes they give you.


Giving your dog chocolate is bad, and most people know this b ut don’t’ know why. Chocolate has a certain component called theobromine that’s toxic to canines. It’s in all kinds of chocolate, so don’t think white chocolate is any safer than regular brown chocolate, it’s not. Ingesting chocolate causes a sleuth of problems for dogs, so it’s just safe to never let them near the product.


There’s a couple problems with giving your dogs raw eggs to eat. One, it’s kind of gross and messy to clean up. Two, they can contract bacterial diseases like E. Coli or salmonella, just as we can. And 3, an enzyme in raw eggs will prevent the absorption of the B vitamin, which will cause skin problems for them. This is also true for raw fish and meats, both are a no-go for giving to dogs. There are plenty more foods not to give your dog, but these are the main players. If you’re ever unsure if you can feed them something, it’s better not to and to look it up later.