Animals With a College Degree

Diploma mills are usually fake colleges with no real accredation that people can pay a certain fee to receive their own college diplomas. These can be any type of college diploma, from a doctorate to a simple associates degree. Companies that look to bust these fraudulant diploma mills will send in applications in an animals name, who then receive a diploma. So these are animals that have actually recieved a college diploma.


In 2004 Colby Nolan, a simple housecat, was awarded a college diploma from Trinity Southern University. Colby’s owners, some undercover agents looking to expose the college, submitted an application for Colby to receive a bachelor’s degree for only $299. According to Colby’s fake college application, she had previously attended online community college classes, worked at McDonalds, and babysat. Apparently this met the Trinity Southern University college requirements and Colby was granted the prestigous Bachelors degree. Colby was one of the first animals to be awarded a college degree!


The same year that Colby was awarded a college degree, Wally the dog also earned a college degree as a part of a diploma mill sting. His owner, local Albany New York reporter Peter Brancato submitted an application on behalf of his dog in hopes of defrauding the bogus college. On it Brancato writes that Wally “plays with children everyday, teaching them life lessons like not forgetting to feed the dog.” Almeda University thought this was enough to award Wally a “Life Experience” associates degree. After Almeda University was exposed, multiple allegations were created and years of legal battles over basically nothing happened wasting everybody’s time.


Zoe D. Katze is one very distinguished feline. She’s the only cat in the world to have been awarded a college doctorate degree. In 2001 her owner, Steve Eichel was able to obtain hypnotherapy certifications for Zoe. He did this in order to show how easy it was to obtain certificates for a profession that should require years of college and doctorate work. Dr. Zoe Katze’s story has now been published in many different magazines, and paved way for change in the ways to obtain hynotherapy certificates.


Lulu the dog did what most college students wish they could do, skip all the college classes and just get the degree. In a legal case having to do with fraudulant degrees, Lulu’s application was sent to Corcordia College in hopes of obtaining an MBA. Adding insult to injury, Lulu actually graduated with higher grades than the one of the witnesses in the case who said he had in fact attended the college. This hilarious turn of events basically sealed the case, and the story of the dog with an MBA is somewhat of a legend now.


Molly is another dog who was awarded a college degree, but the reason she was awarded the college degree was to defraud the diploma mill that gave it to her. In February 2012, yes diploma mills still exist even now, Molly’s application was sent to Lincoln Academy. This “academy” was selling fake diplomas to people that wanted to get into college but never graduated high school. In Texas, it’s illegal for colleges to discriminate against home schooled children, so people were buying fake degrees frim Lincoln Academy that said they were homeschooled. This was another story abotu a local news team defrauding the school, and upholding the high standards of Texas colleges.