9 Fun Places To Take Your Dog


Dogs are ourbest friends, so why not include them in our day-off plans. There are many different places that will allow you to bring a dog, as well as outdoor ideas where a dog would have a great time. Bringing your dog to different places will not only strengthen your bond, but also allow your dog to experience new places, people, and environments. Because a dog will only experience what you bring them to, it’s important to give them many experiences which allows them to grow. We’ve thought of 9 awesome things to do with your dog, so read up and take notes!


Hiking is one of the most healthy things you can do with your dog. Exercise is important for both you and your pet, so enjoying the outdoors while trekking a trail will be great for both of you. Unless otherwise posted, most hiking trails allow dogs as long as they’re on a leash. You’ll see other dogs, maybe some wildlife, runners, and bikers so it’s important your dog is leash trained in order to have the best experiences. If you’re going on a long walk be sure to have some water for your pooch, they’re going to need it! If you’re unsure of where the closest dog-friendly hiking trail is, check out BringFido where they have a list of trails!

2. Beach

The beach is another great outdoor place to bring your dog. If they’ve never been to the beach before, dogs will be curious about what this huge water dish is doing in the middle of the earth. They’ll probably venture into the water and run away from the incoming waves. Other dogs love to play frisbee or fetch on the beach and running through the water. If you bring your dog to a beach, be sure to make sure it’s pet-friendly before you arrive. Once there follow rules like picking up after your dog, maintaining control of your dog, and most importantly – HAVE FUN!

3. Baseball Game

Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports, so why not take your dog to the ball park? The scent of hot dogs and popcorn would make any dog’s day! More and more stadiums around the country are starting to have their own “bring your dog to the park” days. If you’ve got a well behaved dog, you’ll be able to enjoy a game while socializing your dog with other baseball fans. Make sure you check out your favorite teams schedule for these dog days as they’re usually near the beginning of the season when the weather is nice and warm.

4. Work

There’s take your kid to work day, and then there’s take your dog to work day. Some companies even allow your dog to come everyday as long as they’re well trained and prove not to be a distraction. Ask your HR department on what the dog rules are to see if your can bring your pup. If you’re going to bring them, here’s a couple tips on how to prepare. Do an office check and make sure it’s doggy proof – pick up everything off the floor that could be dangerous for them. Bathe and groom your dog before they come in so they smell fresh and don’t ruffle any sensitive noses. Prepare a doggie bag of treats, toys and baggies to make sure your dog has the best day ever!

5. Dog Friendly Shopping Mall

More and more outdoor malls are allowing well behaved dogs to join their families as they shop. While this is an incredibly nice thing to do, malls also realize pets are a multibillion dollar industry so catering to families with pets might produce more sales. Plus, dogs just make everything better! So check with your local outdoor shopping centers to see if they allow pets. Shopping with your best furry friend could make for a nice day out and about!

6. Camping

For the more adventurous types, camping with a dog is a must do. Your pet will love the outdoors and overnight sleeping. You don’t even need to bring much else with you, so they aren’t too much of a burdern to bring. Here are some tips for camping with dogs: Bring extra food and drink for your pet. After a long hike they’ll need more water than usual to replenish what they spent and to cool themselves down. You can either let your dog sleep in your tent, or even buy them their own doggy camping tent like this one! Last but not least, make sure you’ve got a plan of where you’re going to leash your dog. Make sure they aren’t near a fire or trash, but aren’t far from you guys. Dogs love hanging out with the camping group!

7. Hotels

Travelling with your pet doesn’t have to be a hassle! More and more hotels are allowing man’s best friend to stay the night, it just takes a bit of work to find these fine hotels. As long as you do the groundwork, taking your pet on vacation and staying in hotels will be a breeze. When searching, be sure to check to see if a kennel is required. Know how much your furry friend weighs too, as some hotels have a weight limit in place. The best part of bringing your pet on vacation is you then can bring them to different places during the day. Planning a vacation with your dog will definitely be a fun one.

8. Dog Park

This might seem like a no-brainer, but dog parks can be one of your dog’s favorite place to go. They’re able to socialize with other dogs, run around, and just be themselves. As long as you’ve got a behaved pup, there shouldn’t be any problem taking them to the nearest dog park. You yourself will meet other dog owners and might make some friends to set up play-dates outside of the dog park.

9. Swimming

There are certain breeds of dogs that LOVE the water and would love to be taken to a pond, pool, or any place where they can jump in. If it’s your first time taking a dog to swim, there are some things to definitely consider. Dogs, like humans, need to learn how to swim first. Don’t just toss them in and expect instinct to kick in. You need to show them where the exits are and just make them feel comfortable being in a new environment. Doggy water gear is something you should look into, and just being prepared will make your dog’s time in the water much better.