8 Cat Behaviors Explained!

Cats are funny creatures, and have some pretty weird behaviors. Understanding their behavior is difficult, but there are some universal cat behaviors whose meaning we do know!


There’s actually a lot more to clawing than meets the eye. Cats actually have scent glands on their paw pads, so they’re actually marking their territory when they “claw” things. This is why cats will return to the same spot they’ve clawed before, it’s got their scent all over it! While getting your stuff clawed by cats isn’t always fun, declawing them in not the answer as it changes the cat for the worse. Instead, teach your cat to tolerate nail trimmings, or get them a nice clawing toy they can claw!


Like dogs, cats will spray urine in certain areas to mark their territory. Spayed and neutered cats don’t usually elicit this behavior, but you’ll find that many stray cats will spray urine around. This behavior isn’t just regulated to adults either, females have been seen to elicit this behavior as well.


Some cats like to scratch or bit you, and there are many reasons for this. One could be that they see you as a peer, and just like children, they’ll treat you like a peer and not realize that scratching and biting isn’t appropriate. Another reason could be a health problem, so if your cat gets really defensive right out of the blue, take them to the vet to see if there’s an underlying health problem. The last reason could just be because they need some more exercise and are taking out their energy on you!


We’ve already read about two differing ways cats like to mark their territory, and here’s another! Cats also have scent glands on their cheeks and lips, so they will rub up against things they like, such as their favorite place or human. It’s absolutely adorable when they do it to you, but what they’re really doing is claiming you as their own!


Cats love jumping to high places, and it’s a safety thing to them. Being in a higher area means they’re able to survey the area and make sure they’re safe. Sometimes they choose the wrong things to jump on, so getting them a cat tree they can climb on would help both you and your cat!


Some people think cats hide only because they’re scared. This actually isn’t true, cats actually enjoy having a dark and quiet sanctuary where they can nap in the afternoon. After all, cats like to hunt at night and taking a nap in the afternoon is how they muster up the energy to go out on a good hunt.


People tend to spoil their cats and give them much more food than they actually need. Cats have small stomachs, so sometimes they don’t want to eat and people think it’s just picky eating. If you’re having trouble feeding your cat, condition your cat to eat when you put food down by only leaving their food out for only 20 minutes at a time.


If you ever find yourself gazing into your cat’s eyes and your cat blinks, it’s a very rare sign of affection. By deliberately blinking, your cat is letting you know they trust you enough to actually lower their defenses and blink. It’s quite heart-warming!