7 Hairiest Cat Breeds

Cats with long hair are some of the most beautiful cats in the world. Something about that long, flowing hair makes them so majestic looking. While these breeds certainly are beautiful, some people forget how much work long coats can be! Check out our list of the hairiest cat breeds!


The Maine Coon seems to be on every list we have, and it deserves to be! This breed is not only one of the largest breeds, but one of the hairiest as well. It’s long coat is made to keep the cat warm during the cold Maine winters, making it look a LOT bigger than it is (though it’s still one of the largest breeds). Maine Coons require constant grooming attention to keep that coat looking great!


Known for it’s little folded ears, the Scottish Fold is one of the most popular breeds. It’s also a hairy cat, having a long coat and tends to be a little more difficult to take care of than cats with short hair. But with that, they’re still one of the most popular cats and people don’t mind the longer hair.


The American Bobtail is another one of those cats with longer than usual hair. This cat’s hair is thing, but there’s a lot of it so it comes off looking more fluffy than other breeds. There are many different colors of the Bobtail, and each is just as beautiful as the next!

Siberian Cat

The siberian cat comes from Siberia, where there are incredibly cold winters. Like the Maine Coon, the Siberian cat has long hair to help them stand the winters. Despite the long hair, the Siberian is actually easy to maintain, making it a good choice for people who don’t want a cat they have to groom a lot.


The Somali is a newer cat breed that branches off from the Abyssinian. It was recongized as it’s own distinct breed in 1991. The only difference between the two is that the Somali has much longer hair. Other than that, they look quite the same!

Norwegian Forest Cat

Like the maine coon, the Norwegian forest cat is a large cat, but it’s long hair makes it look even bigger. The norwegian forest cat’s temperament makes it a great family pet as it’s calm, loving, and good with both people and other pets. The only downside is all the hair you’d have to pick up!


The rag doll cat is one of the most gorgeous breeds you can find. It’s sweet face and unique coat makes it one of the most popular breeds. It’s fur actually makes it look fluffy, and you better believe you’ll find rag doll hair ALL over your house if you have one.