6 Tips on Keeping Your Cat Cool during the Summer

Summer, one of our favorite times of the year. With the sun out, it gets quite hot, and we are better equipped to deal with the heat than our furry feline friends. Cats can easily suffer from heat exhaustion if the right precautions aren’t taken to help keep them comfortable during the hot months! Here are our favorite tips to keeping your cat cool during the summer.


You don’t need to be blowing the A/C the whole day just to keep the cats cool. A simple fan to move air throughout the home will keep your cat cool as they’ll more than likely take a nap right in front of it. A nice, easy breeze is a great way to cool off your cat while keeping the cost down and cat comfortable.


Water is one of the most important things keeping a cat alive and healthy. During the summer months, sitting water can get warm and although the cats still drink it, it’s not really helping them cool down. By sticking a couple ice cubes in your cat’s water throughout the day, it will help cool down your cat. Everybody loves some cool water during the day, your cats will appreciate it too!


Cats are smart, they love taking naps on perches or something like a chair. Why is this? By not being connected to the ground it creates better airflow around them, keeping them much cooler overall. Paired with a fan, an elevated bed will keep your cat cool and comfortable throughout the day.


This is a no-brainer, but some people don’t realize how fast cats can overheat. If you’ve got an indoor/outdoor cat, consider keeping them inside during these hot months to keep them from suffering from heat stroke, a VERY real problem during the summer. Allowing cats access to indoors will keep them cool, because they’ll come inside when they’re feeling too hot. Combined with some cool water from #2, your cat will love you!


Cats, like humans, need exercise to keep healthy. During the hot months, it’s advised to let them play during the morning and afternoon as these are the coolest parts of the day. Your cat gets the exercise, and gets to stay cool during the day!

6. Brushing

Imagine having to walk around during the summer with a fur coat on… all the time. Well, this is what your cat is doing! Some people think shaving their cat helps, but we don’t need to go that drastic! Simply keeping up with your cats grooming needs and brushing them regularly will keep extra hair out of their coat and help them keep cool.