6 Places in the World That Absolutely Love Cats

As a crazy cat personn, it’s nice to be around other people who love cats just as much. Here’s a list of places that truly welcome cat fanatics!


The people of Japan LOVE cats! From the good luck cat to Hello Kitty (who we just found out isn’t actually a cat), this country is a must visit for cat lovers. If you’re visiting Japan, make sure to find a local “cat café” where you can enjoy a coffee in the company of some furry feline friends.


For a culture that basically worshipped cats, it’s no wonder that Egypt is a place for cat lovers. Cats in Egypt are still held in high regard, and you’ll find their history in Egyptian culture quite amazing.


Most places consider black cats to be bad luck, but not in Ireland! In the green isle black cats are a good omen. There’s even a legend that the Belfast Castle was safe as long as their was a black car around. These legends and lores make Ireland a great place to travel to. Make sure you visit the “Cat Garden” where visitors can look at the cat themed plants!


One of the islands of Greece, Mykonos Isle, is famous for it’s love of cats. They welcome cats of all kinds and colors, and you’ll find them everywhere. Mykonos Isle loves cats so much, they’ve givin each street it’s own feline mascot! If you visit Mykonos, make sure you pick up one of their famous coffee table books that are filled with pictures of local cats!


Rome has over 300 cats who dwell in the city’s temple ruins. The community has even set up the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary which helps take care of the cats by feeding them and keeping them healthy. There’s even a CatShop where tourists can buy souvenirs and part of the proceeds go to help take care of the cats needs!


OAKCATVIDFEST. Probably the coolest festival for any cat lover. The event is held by the East Bay SPCA, and celebrates everything cat. Taking up several blocks, the OAKCATVIDTEST is a film festival, adoption center, and just a place for cat lovers to meet up and celebrate cats.
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