5 Weird Pet Insurance Claims


TL/DR: Cat swallows 3ft of tape and luckily passes it all.

Nobody can ever predict when a cat will do something bad, so preparing with the best pet insurance is key when you own a pet. The best pet insurance for cats will provide you with protection from expensive procedures when they get into a little bit of trouble. Take Charm for example. Charm had always been a little troublemaker, leading her owners to for sure buy the best pet insurance for her. One day, Charm swallowed more than three feet of packaging tape. She was given a laxative, covered by her pet insurance plan, and luckily passed the 3 feet of tape. At one point she coughed up over 18 inches of the tape!


TL/DR: Lewes swallwed a nerf dart and needed immediate surgery to remove it from his stomach. Sill Lewes!

This list of weird pet insurance claims was brought to you by Veterinary Pet Insurance. Each month they pick a new animal that wins the craziest pet insurance claim award. In February, 2014 Lewes the cat won the award. The pet insurance company describes how Lewes ingested on of his human’s Nerf darts. Lewes needed immediate surgery, something quite expensive if you don’t have good pet insurance plans, to remove the dart from his small intestine. Luckily it was a quite recover for Lewes and he’s doing perfectly well now!


TL/DR: Cat gets stuck behind refrigerator while family is on vacation but luckily is saved!

The Hildebrandt family was on vacation when they got a call from the cat sitter that no family wants to hear. Pippa was rushed to the hospital after she was found barely breathing stuck behind the fridge. Luckily the family had some of the best cat insurance and the veterinarian was able to stitch Pippa up without the family being present. Just goes to show another reason why having the best pet health insurance is worth the monthly premium.


TL/DR: Natasha the cat slipped into the washing machine and was accidentally put through a whole 35 minute wash cycle.

Here’s another Veterinary Pet Insurance winner of “Most Weird Pet Insurance” claims award. At the time, Natasha was 6 months old and VERY curious cat. One day while one of the roommates of the house was filling the washing machine, Natasha jumped in as he left to get clothes from the other room. The Pet Insurance website goes on to say the roommate returned, threw the clothes, and started the wash cycle without realizing Natasha was in there. She went through the whole 35 minute wash cycle. Obviously cold, confused, and terrified after the ordeal, she was rushed to the pet hospital and treated for hypothermia and shock. Thankfully this was the extent of her problems, and made a full recovery. The Pet Insurance company checked up on Natasha later to fortunately find she made a full recovery and is as happy as ever!


TL/DR: Ariel the curious cat was actually trapped under the garage door after not getting out from underneath it in time.

Ariel the cat has always been one to leisurely follow her owners around while they perform outside work, the Pet Insurance company writes. One day, after finishing gardening in the backyard, Mr. Carter put away his tools and closed the garage. A few minutes later they heard their neighbor screaming for htem to open the garage as Ariel had apparently gotten stuck under it. Obviously distressed, Ariel was taken to the veterinary center where Ariel was given tests. She damaged her liver and would need to be kept over night. Things like this are never predictable, and the Carter’s are very happy they had the best cat insurance around. The stay was very expensive, but the CArter’s had actually just signed their pets up for the best value pet insurance a week before. A week after Ariel’s ordeal they were handsomely reimbursed by their veterinary pet insurance company.