5 Smallest Cat Breeds

Cats come in all sizes, ranging from the large Maine Coons to tiny little munchkin cats. Some breeds are smaller than others, and we’ve got the list of the 5 smallest cats right here.


The American Curl is a relatively new breed of cat, distinguished by it’s folded back ears that aren’t found in any other breed. These little guys only grow to weigh about 5-10 pounds, about half of some of the bigger breeds!


The Cornish Rex is one of the softest cats ever. Why? Because they have only one coat of hair while most cats have three types of hair in their coats. Cornish Rexes only have the down hair, which is only about 1cm long and incredibly soft. This makes them not only look small, but only weigh around 6-10 pounds when fully grown.


The Devon Rex is considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds, and are known for their slender bodies, wavy coat and large ears. Despite their small size, they’ve got a lot of smarts. Devon Rex’s are capable of learning difficult tricks, and can even recognize their owner’s name, not just their own!


It’s no surprise the munchkin cat makes our list of 5 smallest cat breeds. Considered a dwarf cat, they’re not only one of the smallest breeds, but also the shortest breed. These cats weigh around 5-9 pounds and reach 7-8 inches in height. They’ve got very affectionate personalities, and are one of the best breeds you could own!


The Singapura cat originates from the streets of Singapore, hence where it gets it’s name from. They’re nature’s own combination between the ticked coat pattern and dark brown colored cats. The breed was brought to the US in the 70’s , and only weighs about 6-8 pounds.