5 Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Paws

Cat paws are some of the cutest paws ever, everybody loves their little jellybean toes. Turn the toes upside down, and it looks like a little teddy bear!


When we were taught to walk, we were taught “heel-toe-heel-toe”. Cats are totally different, they prefer to walk on the balls and fingertips of their feet only. This is because staying on their toes keeps them alert and able to make quick movements at a moment’s notice. That’s why they’re able to quickly elude your advancing snuggle wants!


Cat nails are incredibly different than human nails. Human nails grow from the flesh of the fingertips, while feline nails actually grow out of their bones. That’s why it’s super important to not ever declaw a cat, as you’re actually cutting their bone which is extremely painful and changes the cat’s whole mental being.


Some cat owners have reported they’re able to tell if their cat is sick or not by feeling the paws of their pet. If the cat’s paw feels too hot, it could be a sign that their cat might be feeling feverish or need to see a vet. It’s a great little trick to know!


Like a human’s fingerprint, every cat’s paw print is unique to itself. Cat paws have tiny grooves in it that make a unique pattern. There’s even a funny video from TechCrunch that shows the iPhone’s fingerprint detector working with a cat’s paw!


Cat paws are thick, and rightfully sor! They act as shock absorbers and help the cat bracing for impact from all that jumping around. The pads not only act as absorbers, but also allows them to walk around silently, helping them become extremely good hunters.