Pets That Have Helped Solve Crimes

Hira The Parrot

We often underestimate the intelligence of animals, and every so often a story arises that reminds us they’re actually quite smart. In the case of these 4 animals, they were pivotal in the solving of these crimes. Hira the parrot is one such story. In 2014 HIra’s owner Neelam Sharma and her dog were victims of a murder, and the police had zero suspects. After the crime, Vijay, the victim’s husband noticed that Hira would get very agitated anytime his nephew visited the house. Suspecting this might be a sign, Vijay told the police and they actually got the nephew to confess to the crime! Without Hira, the nephew might have gotten away with his crime.

7 Dogs With Hilarious Life Probems

1. Nugget Down!

2. When someone wakes you up from the best nap best nap ever.

3. When you try and impress your crush but fail miserably:

4. When you’re trying to be sexy but bae wants to go to bed.

5. When you wake up and realize it’s Monday

6. When you get a bit overeager about something

7. Just When You Think Everything Is Going Your Way