Meet The Javanese Cat!

The Javanese cat is a gorgeous breed that’s not very well known! With it’s slender body and bushy tail, this lovely cat will absolutely win you over. Check out our 5 favorite facts about the Javanese cat.


Good for those who suffer from pet allergies, the Javanese is a hypoallergenic cat that doesn’t need much grooming, despite having long hair. The javanese is a great family cat and is even one of the more vocal breeds out there!.

2. Pointy

Most cat breeds have something distinct about them, and the Javanese’s is it’s pointy ears and face shape. These points tend to range in colors, Lynx, cream, flame, and torti being the most common colors.

3. Balinese Brother

The Javanese not only sounds like Balinese, but is actually the cat it was originally bred from.While the Balinese tends to come in one color, this cat comes in many different colors. Did You Know: Java is the closest island to Bali, which is where they got the name Javanese from!

4. Ballerina Body

The Javanese breed is very unique in that it’s got a very long and slender body. The way it walks and stalks is very graceful, and these cats make it look good. Though they look very graceful, these cats are a strong breed!

5. Coffee Cat

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Java is coffee, and you’re right to do so! Java is actually an island famous for it’s coffee, while also being close to Bali. Funny enough, this cat was actually bred in Chicago, Illinois and not on Java.