Ways to Help Shelter Cats

There are a countless number of cats waiting to be adopted. Whether or not you’re able to adopt one, there are ways you can help shelter cats out. Check out our list of  ways to help shelter cats!


Kitten and cats really appreciate when they get human contact during their stays at shelters. This is only possible if people volunteer at shelters. Depending on your age and abilities, there are a lot of different ways you can help out at the shelter, ranging from cleaning to playing with kittens. If you’re interested at all with spending times with animals that can really use your help, consider visiting your local shelter and volunteer!


Oldest Cat Breeds

Cats have been around for thousands of years, therefore it’s no surprise that some breeds go way, way back. So which breeds are the oldest?


The Turkish Angora has been documented as an original breed as early as the 1600’s. The Turkish Angora is believed to be the origin of the mutations for both the white fur color and long hair. Turkish Angoras are playful, intelligent, athletic and affectionate. Though they’re great with families, they do tend to latch onto one family member as their favorite companion.


Originating in France, the Chartreux is earliest mentioned in 1558. They’re known for being good hunters, and are prized by farmers. What’s unique about the Chartreux is their blue, medium length woolly fur. You might recognize the Chartreux as the cat that “smiles” a lot, the way their head is shaped makes them look like they’re smiling when they open their mouth!


The Persian cat were originally found in Persia around 1620. They were then exported to Europe, and eventually America after the second World War. Selective breeding of the Persian cat has led to very flat faces in the Persian breed. Persian cats come in many different colors, and are a very popular breed.


The Japanese bobtail is one of the oldest natural breeds and is native to the Islands of Japan. Written records show that the Bobtail arrived in Japan over 1000 years ago. This breed is full of energy, loves to play, and loves to be the center of attention. Something unique about the Japanese Bobtail is it’s tail, which is barely there. Like human fingerprints, no two tails are ever alike and don’t protrude more than 3 inches from the cat’s rump.


Originating in the cold Russian forests centuries ago, the siberian cat is believed to be one of the ancestors of all modern long haired cat breeds. Now a domesticated cat breed, they still retain their thick coat and large size. The Siberian cat is even the official national cat of Russia!


The Abyssinian cat was thought to have been originated in Great Britain, but recent DNA evidence points towards originating in Egypt. What more than likely happened was the cat was taken from Egypt and traded to Great Britain where it was then documented for the first time in 1882. Abyssinians are a popular breed, known for their intelligence and extroverted temperament. Everybody loves a cat that wants to play with you!


Originating from Thailand, originally called Siam, these cats were actually illustrated in manuscripts from 1350A.D making it one of the oldest breeds.

World Record Holding Cats

We know that cats are amazing, but did you know some of them hold certified World records too? These six cats are very unique in that they’ve got something so special they hold a world record for it! Check it out, you may be surprised by a few of these!


Stewie the Maine Coon is already big by domestic cat standards, but what sets him apart from other cats is how long Stewie’s tail is. Stewie currently holds the world record for having the longest tail of any domestic cat, measuring a whopping 16.34 inches! We’re pretty sure that helps Stewie quite a bit with balance!


Yes, you might be a little jealous that this cat probably has more money than you ever will. It’s normal. Blackie is the world’s richest cat, having a net worth of over 12.5 million dollars. How did Blackie receive all this money? His owner Ben Rea left it to Blackie after he passed away. Now Blackie can get all the prime tuna he wants!


You may have heard of Colonel Meow… he’s getting quite popular in social media. Residing in Seattle, Washington, Colonel Meow has an average coat length of 9 inches! That’s incredibly long for any cat, but Colonel Meow sure does wear it well!


Creme Puff the cat holds the record for the oldest cat who ever lived. Before I tell you just how long he lived, take a guess and keep that number in your head. Creme Puff lived to be 38 years and 3 days old! Bet that number was a bit higher than you had imagined!


Jake the cat is polydactyl, which means he has more than the normal amount of toes on his feet. Some cats have just one foot with more toes, but all four of Jake’s feet have extra toes! In total, Jake has 28 toes, 7 on each foot! Now that’s a lot of toes!


Smokey the cat has no problem letting you know how much he feels loved. Cats tend to purr when they’re feeling happy, and Smokey’s purr can reach a whopping 92 dB! In comparison, that’s about as loud as a watching a plane land. Most cats only purr around 25 decibels, making Smokey really loud. If you didn’t know of Smokey’s loud purr, you might be in for a surprise!

5 Smallest Cat Breeds

Cats come in all sizes, ranging from the large Maine Coons to tiny little munchkin cats. Some breeds are smaller than others, and we’ve got the list of the 5 smallest cats right here.


The American Curl is a relatively new breed of cat, distinguished by it’s folded back ears that aren’t found in any other breed. These little guys only grow to weigh about 5-10 pounds, about half of some of the bigger breeds!


The Cornish Rex is one of the softest cats ever. Why? Because they have only one coat of hair while most cats have three types of hair in their coats. Cornish Rexes only have the down hair, which is only about 1cm long and incredibly soft. This makes them not only look small, but only weigh around 6-10 pounds when fully grown.


The Devon Rex is considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds, and are known for their slender bodies, wavy coat and large ears. Despite their small size, they’ve got a lot of smarts. Devon Rex’s are capable of learning difficult tricks, and can even recognize their owner’s name, not just their own!


It’s no surprise the munchkin cat makes our list of 5 smallest cat breeds. Considered a dwarf cat, they’re not only one of the smallest breeds, but also the shortest breed. These cats weigh around 5-9 pounds and reach 7-8 inches in height. They’ve got very affectionate personalities, and are one of the best breeds you could own!


The Singapura cat originates from the streets of Singapore, hence where it gets it’s name from. They’re nature’s own combination between the ticked coat pattern and dark brown colored cats. The breed was brought to the US in the 70’s , and only weighs about 6-8 pounds.

The Newest Cat Breeds!


The American Curl is a beautiful new cat breed who has a unique story. Unlike most cats, the American Curl has a distinct trait, it’s ears fold backwards! How did this come about? In 1981 a kitten with folded back ears was found in Southern California. After breeding the cat, some of the offspring expressed this unique trait as well, and it slowly became it’s own distinct breed!

3 Common Cat Myths… DEBUNKED


Everybody thinks water is a cat’s worst enemy, when that simply isn’t true. Most cats hate water because they’re forced into it, which makes sense! When allowed to discover water on their own terms, most cats are actually fascinated with it. If you don’t believe us, think back and do you remember anytime your cat was fascinated with a faucet, or climb into your tub after a shower? They know exactly what those two are used for, and are curious about it!.


Every one has seen pictures of kittens drinking milk from a saucer, and it even seems as though this is a common practice for cat owners to put out. What people don’t realize is that cats should really only be drinking their mother’s milk, not the processed milk us humans drink. Our milk is incredibly hard to digest for cats, and can lead to things like diarrhea or stomach aches. A mother knows best, and her milk is the only milk kittens and cats should be drinking.


Cats are known for being able to land on their feet if they fall from certain heights. While this is true, cats are in no way have super powers, and this ability only works within a specified height range. If they fall from too high of a height, are suprised and pushed, or even just mess up the landing, they can fall and seriously injure themselves. So, it’s never safe to drop your cat from any height, even if you think they’ll land on their feet.

7 Hairiest Cat Breeds

Cats with long hair are some of the most beautiful cats in the world. Something about that long, flowing hair makes them so majestic looking. While these breeds certainly are beautiful, some people forget how much work long coats can be! Check out our list of the hairiest cat breeds!


The Maine Coon seems to be on every list we have, and it deserves to be! This breed is not only one of the largest breeds, but one of the hairiest as well. It’s long coat is made to keep the cat warm during the cold Maine winters, making it look a LOT bigger than it is (though it’s still one of the largest breeds). Maine Coons require constant grooming attention to keep that coat looking great!


Known for it’s little folded ears, the Scottish Fold is one of the most popular breeds. It’s also a hairy cat, having a long coat and tends to be a little more difficult to take care of than cats with short hair. But with that, they’re still one of the most popular cats and people don’t mind the longer hair.


The American Bobtail is another one of those cats with longer than usual hair. This cat’s hair is thing, but there’s a lot of it so it comes off looking more fluffy than other breeds. There are many different colors of the Bobtail, and each is just as beautiful as the next!

Siberian Cat

The siberian cat comes from Siberia, where there are incredibly cold winters. Like the Maine Coon, the Siberian cat has long hair to help them stand the winters. Despite the long hair, the Siberian is actually easy to maintain, making it a good choice for people who don’t want a cat they have to groom a lot.


The Somali is a newer cat breed that branches off from the Abyssinian. It was recongized as it’s own distinct breed in 1991. The only difference between the two is that the Somali has much longer hair. Other than that, they look quite the same!

Norwegian Forest Cat

Like the maine coon, the Norwegian forest cat is a large cat, but it’s long hair makes it look even bigger. The norwegian forest cat’s temperament makes it a great family pet as it’s calm, loving, and good with both people and other pets. The only downside is all the hair you’d have to pick up!


The rag doll cat is one of the most gorgeous breeds you can find. It’s sweet face and unique coat makes it one of the most popular breeds. It’s fur actually makes it look fluffy, and you better believe you’ll find rag doll hair ALL over your house if you have one.


3 Simple Ways to Extend Your Dog’s Life

Dogs are man’s best friend, and we definitely want them to live the longest, healthiest lives they can. While they don’t live as long as we do, there are a couple simple things you can do to help maximize your dog’s life!

Healthy Proportions

Just like humans, it’s important to keep your dog a healthy weight by giving them the right amount of exercise and the right amount of food. The ASPCA says that overweight dogs tend to live 2 years LESS than healthier dogs, and two years is quite a lot in a dog’s life. Not only that, but heavier dogs have a higher risk of heart disease, joint problems and other ailments. It’s important to keep your dog healthy for a better future!

Body Massages

Everybody loves a good massage, and your dog will absolutely love it. Not only will they become relaxed, it provides a great opportunity to search for dog for irregular lumps or abnormalities. Lumps can lead to tumors, and catching these quickly give your dog the best chance at surviving them and recovery. Veterinarians recommend giving your dog weekly massages to really get to know their bodies so you can spot any abnormalities.

Good Hygiene

Dogs tend to do a great job of taking care of themselves, but helping them out with things like brushing teeth can help extend their life. Good dental health in canines is very important to their health as bad dental can cause your dog excruciating pain and even lead to more serious problems. Taking the time to clean your dogs teeth will definitely help them out! You can find all you need here : https://fluxbuzz.com/

5 Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Paws

Cat paws are some of the cutest paws ever, everybody loves their little jellybean toes. Turn the toes upside down, and it looks like a little teddy bear!


When we were taught to walk, we were taught “heel-toe-heel-toe”. Cats are totally different, they prefer to walk on the balls and fingertips of their feet only. This is because staying on their toes keeps them alert and able to make quick movements at a moment’s notice. That’s why they’re able to quickly elude your advancing snuggle wants!


Cat nails are incredibly different than human nails. Human nails grow from the flesh of the fingertips, while feline nails actually grow out of their bones. That’s why it’s super important to not ever declaw a cat, as you’re actually cutting their bone which is extremely painful and changes the cat’s whole mental being.


Some cat owners have reported they’re able to tell if their cat is sick or not by feeling the paws of their pet. If the cat’s paw feels too hot, it could be a sign that their cat might be feeling feverish or need to see a vet. It’s a great little trick to know!


Like a human’s fingerprint, every cat’s paw print is unique to itself. Cat paws have tiny grooves in it that make a unique pattern. There’s even a funny video from TechCrunch that shows the iPhone’s fingerprint detector working with a cat’s paw!


Cat paws are thick, and rightfully sor! They act as shock absorbers and help the cat bracing for impact from all that jumping around. The pads not only act as absorbers, but also allows them to walk around silently, helping them become extremely good hunters.


8 Cat Behaviors Explained!

Cats are funny creatures, and have some pretty weird behaviors. Understanding their behavior is difficult, but there are some universal cat behaviors whose meaning we do know!


There’s actually a lot more to clawing than meets the eye. Cats actually have scent glands on their paw pads, so they’re actually marking their territory when they “claw” things. This is why cats will return to the same spot they’ve clawed before, it’s got their scent all over it! While getting your stuff clawed by cats isn’t always fun, declawing them in not the answer as it changes the cat for the worse. Instead, teach your cat to tolerate nail trimmings, or get them a nice clawing toy they can claw!


Like dogs, cats will spray urine in certain areas to mark their territory. Spayed and neutered cats don’t usually elicit this behavior, but you’ll find that many stray cats will spray urine around. This behavior isn’t just regulated to adults either, females have been seen to elicit this behavior as well.


Some cats like to scratch or bit you, and there are many reasons for this. One could be that they see you as a peer, and just like children, they’ll treat you like a peer and not realize that scratching and biting isn’t appropriate. Another reason could be a health problem, so if your cat gets really defensive right out of the blue, take them to the vet to see if there’s an underlying health problem. The last reason could just be because they need some more exercise and are taking out their energy on you!


We’ve already read about two differing ways cats like to mark their territory, and here’s another! Cats also have scent glands on their cheeks and lips, so they will rub up against things they like, such as their favorite place or human. It’s absolutely adorable when they do it to you, but what they’re really doing is claiming you as their own!


Cats love jumping to high places, and it’s a safety thing to them. Being in a higher area means they’re able to survey the area and make sure they’re safe. Sometimes they choose the wrong things to jump on, so getting them a cat tree they can climb on would help both you and your cat!


Some people think cats hide only because they’re scared. This actually isn’t true, cats actually enjoy having a dark and quiet sanctuary where they can nap in the afternoon. After all, cats like to hunt at night and taking a nap in the afternoon is how they muster up the energy to go out on a good hunt.


People tend to spoil their cats and give them much more food than they actually need. Cats have small stomachs, so sometimes they don’t want to eat and people think it’s just picky eating. If you’re having trouble feeding your cat, condition your cat to eat when you put food down by only leaving their food out for only 20 minutes at a time.


If you ever find yourself gazing into your cat’s eyes and your cat blinks, it’s a very rare sign of affection. By deliberately blinking, your cat is letting you know they trust you enough to actually lower their defenses and blink. It’s quite heart-warming!